Child Custody Solutions has worked with many families to help resolve family issues and bring peace back into the household. Find out here what people are saying about us and why we have been a trusted source for conflict resolution.

Child Custody Solutions helped me see my kids again. Without this organization my ex would still be holding them from my visits. I love my kids and for years she would not allow me to see them unless I paid for extra things she wanted for her other children. Child Custody Solutions educated me on my rights and I was able to get my visits started almost immediately after understanding what the judge had already ordered in my visitation agreement. I would recommend this organization to anyone who needs help.

Charles Jennings

This nonprofit got me an attorney at half the price other people were quoting me. My attorney represented me within two weeks and Child Custody Solutions had me prepared. I am extremely impressed with how they worked between my attorney and myself to make sure I was ready for court and that my ex was being fair by giving me knowledge on things I had not even thought about. I didn’t know you could ask for nightly phone calls, I didn’t know I could ask my ex to meet me half way. Things are a lot more fair now and not everything is on my shoulders. Thank you Child Custody Solutions.

J. Castillo

I would recommend this agency to anyone not seeing their kids. I had not seen mine in over 5 years. They were able to call my children’s dad and get visits started at their office immediately. I did have to do a few supervised visits and counseling because my kids didn’t know who I am anymore. After a few sessions we were able to begin visits at my house. We have enjoyed our time together and appreciate the opportunity this agency has given my family.

Sandra Kissing