Child Custody Consultancy Services

At the heart of a child custody consultancy service – also known as a family, family law or parenting consultancy service – should be the goal to protect the best interest of children. Service providers should also empower parents to step up to a higher level of parenting through the use of action plans, educational classes, support systems, and more.

How Consultants Help Parents and Kids

A common first response during divorce, Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations or other child custody situations is that parents are: (a) overwhelmed (b) confused and (c) need someone who understands to provide support and assist them in responding appropriately.

Understandably, nearly all parents lack important information about how the court system and or child welfare system works. And, with limited financial resources, they are unsure about how or when to seek legal counsel.

As a result, without confidence and the knowledge of how to protect themselves and the best interest of their children, many parents are at distinct disadvantage. The possibilities of family reunification may be diminished as a result. Some areas of need for critical support and reliable child custody assistance include:

  • Child Protective Services
  • Child Support Issues
  • Enforcement to Current Order
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Divorce

A broad range of professionals provides intensive consulting services to ensure the best case is prepared.  A collaboration approach should be used. Parents benefit from access to highly credentialed experts in the fields of law and social services at affordable fees, thus reducing the financial burden on the family.

What Child Custody Consultants Do

Improving intervention and accountability is key to parents’ success in following a clear plan of action and achieving established goals. As a result, parents are empowered to manage frustrations during the child custody process and improve outcomes for children and their families.

Your family consultant or parenting consultant should maintain constant communication when evaluating and assessing family dynamics and key family support relationships. In instances of CPS cases, checks and balances improve family outcomes for children by contributing valuable information to investigators, attorneys and case workers.

With the children’s interest always at the forefront, your consultant can assist throughout the child custody process. He or she prepares and builds the case and helps parents clearly understand the court’s expectations of child placement and family reunification.

Attorney and Client Relations

Your custody consultant will communicate with the attorney and the client so as to reduce the amount of calls and correspondence on the attorney and to ensure clear communications between the parties. Consultants help to keep the lines of communication open by answering basic questions and referring parents into support groups to help reduce the stress involved while going through a child custody case.

Public Notary

Consultants usually offer notary services to help expedite your case and be well prepared for your attorney or CPS case

Home Study Preparation

Child custody consultants can help make sure you are well prepared to interview with your home study professional as well as making sure your home is ready to go through the interview process.

The study will look at parenting methods, existing family relationships, educational opportunities available to the child, health and other elements necessary to determine the recommendations to the court.

Background Checks

Background checks are utilized for various reasons in divorce and child custody cases. A consultant can utilize the backgrounds to find people, check assets, previous addresses, and vehicle information while obtaining the criminal history throughout the U.S.

Your Consultant Will Manage Your Case

By utilizing a case management method, a full evaluation and assessment is done upon the initial intake to determine what immediate needs the client may have. The assessment helps to develop an action plan for moving the parents into a more structured way of life. Some of the lifestyle issues that may be addressed are:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Drug/Alcohol Programs
  • Counseling
  • Jobs
  • Resume Building
  • Utility Assistance
  • Furniture/Housing
  • Basic Toiletries Needs
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Pampers
  • Baby Clothing & Food

Referrals are issued to assist the family take advantage of other non-profits and churches within the community for other services needed.

Referrals available  

  • Domestic Violence Class
  • Anger Management Class

New life groups

  • CPS
  • Prayer/Bible Study
  • Legal Support
  • Teen Support
  • Fathers Support
  • Coping with Addictive Behaviors

Enhancement classes

  • Co-Parenting
  • Faith Based Parenting