About Us

Child Custody Solutions offers reliable, free, and up-to-date information to support your co-parenting journey post-separation. We’re an independent and expert-reviewed service committed to providing practical advice without commercial influence.

Our resources cater to busy parents, featuring accessible tips and advice. We cover various co-parenting topics, from establishing interim custody arrangements to crafting long-term parenting plans. We also offer legal guidance and updates on family law and child support reform.

Our Philosophy

Co-parenting situations vary widely, reflecting differences in family structures and dynamics post-separation. Recognizing this, we believe in personalized solutions. While general co-parenting principles are universal, the best approach may differ by case.

Our aim is to empower parents with targeted, research-driven information. We support informed decision-making for the well-being of children.

What We Do

Three sibling children smiling

Child Custody Solutions provides practical, research-based information to help parents secure optimal custody arrangements. We translate complex research findings into clear, actionable language, supplemented with examples to clarify our advice.

We present facts impartially, highlighting differing perspectives when the evidence is mixed, to enable parents to make choices best suited to their unique circumstances.

Who We Serve

Our site supports parents navigating co-parenting after separation. We also offer resources of value to professionals assisting separated families—family lawyers, psychologists, counselors, social workers, mediators, and financial advisors. Professionals can refer parents to our site or use our information to support their work.

About Dr Andrew Lancaster

Dr Andrew Lancaster is the driving force behind Child Custody Solutions. He also leads the Child Support Australia project and is creator of the Timtab.com, a custody schedule tool. His work emphasizes providing parents and policymakers with research-based insights for informed decisions and system reform.

Under Dr Lancaster’s guidance, Child Custody Solutions strives for excellence in offering practical and actionable co-parenting advice.