About Us

A useful and trusted online co-parenting resource

At Child Custody Solutions, we provide free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information to help your post-separation parenting journey succeed for your child or children. We’re independently funded, reviewed by experts and a non-commercial service, so you know you can trust us.

Designed for busy parents and full of tips and advice for you to try, our content is easy to find and easy to consume. We have answers to many co-parenting questions here at your disposal.

Our articles and resources are designed for different situations, from the initial urgency of getting interim custody arrangements in place, through to long-term strategies and agreeing on detailed parenting plans. We also have legal guidance, and information about reform to family law and child support.

What Child Custody Solutions Believes

Every case where parents separated is different. There are different initial family structures and post-separation parenting dynamics.

This means that decisions about what’s best for children are personal to and need to be tailored. While universal co-parenting principles apply to everyone, the best solution often changes from case to case. See the testimonials page for examples of co-parenting solutions.

In fact, co-parenting is about learning what’s right for your children and particular circumstance. Co-parents and their children grow and learn together, as children mature and family circumstances evolve.

We believe each parent is best placed to decide what’s right for their children, based on their individual values, circumstances and lifestyle. And we believe that individual parents are in prime position to make smart decisions when they have well-researched, targeted information at their disposal.

What Child Custody Solutions Does

We provide contemporary, research-based, practical information about strategies to get the best custody arrangements for children. We compile this information and put it into everyday language, with plenty of concrete examples to show exactly what we mean.

Based on research and insight, we details methods and options but ultimately let people choose for themselves. You know your own circumstances best and may benefit from one-to-one professional legal advice.

We offer facts without a side agenda. If the research is unclear, or if there’s evidence for multiple approaches to an issue, we let people know about the options along with the risks and benefits.

Who Child Custody Solutions is For

Our website is for all parents who don’t live with the other parent of their child or children.

Our website may also be useful for professionals who work with and support separated parents and the children of separated parents – family lawyers, child psychologists, counsellors and social works, mediators and financial advisers. Such professionals can refer parents to this site and distribute the information to parents they see.