Pros and Cons of 50 50 Custody

50/50 custody produces numerous benefits to children but other custody schedules are often used. Here, I want to explain the pros and cons.

What Do Family Lawyers Do?

Separation and divorce can be a very stressful and emotional time. Fortunately, there is help available. Hiring a family lawyer has benefits.

How Many Overnights in a 70 30 Custody Schedule?

A 70 30 child custody schedule usually means two overnights visitation per week or, in more practical terms, four overnights per fortnight.

Child Custody: Free Big-Picture Advice

If you are in a custody dispute or potential one, good advice is invaluable. Protect your child and save a whole lot of heartache and money.

Child Custody Consultancy Services

At the heart of a child custody consultancy service – also known as a family, family law or parenting consultancy service – should be the goal to protect the best…

Parent Separation, Divorce in California

California has a modern approach to divorce. The State would rather that separating parents come to an arrangement that they find acceptable.

Understanding Visitation Rights for Fathers

Understanding visitation rights for fathers is paramount to helping you get the most of your time with your kids. You can follow certain steps to maximize the amount of time…